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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Look Cement Sector Stock Picks Gain 25 Percent in 6 Months

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If your hit-or-miss performance in stock trading is annoying you, why not rely instead on the Stock Picks of PinoyInvestor's partner brokers? All you need to do is follow their recommendations as long as it fits your investing strategy and then just monitor and revise your stock portfolio as needed.

But are the Stock Picks reliable? Well, see for yourself the Top Picks by Sector Performance Report of PinoyInvestor's partner stockbroker Unicapital Securities:

Key takeaways from this Stock Performance Report:
  1. From January to July 2019, Cement Sector stock picks were the best performing, beating all sectors with a +25.24% GAIN!
  2. Property Sector stock picks were not that far behind, booking an average GAIN of +21.75%!
  3. The average GAIN of the Stock Picks was 5.67%. It probably sounds small, but that’s much, much higher compared to the meager 1.55% performance of the PSEi in the same period!
Read the full report here: Top Picks by Sector (Unicapital Securities Performance Report)

Probably time now to consider the Stock Picks, rather than trying to beat the market yourself and failing?

Here are other PSE reports to help your trading which you'll be able to find only in PinoyInvestor:
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  • Model Portfolio: Unloved, Value Play, Yield Seeker, Riding the Momentum (by First Metro Securities)
  • Special Report #1: Oil Sector Outlook, with Target Prices for PCOR, SHLPH, PNX
  • Special Report #2: Banking Sector Outlook with Target Prices for BDO, MBT, SECB, BPI, EW
  • Technical Analysis: Price Support and Resistance of APX, ALLHC, CEB, PXP
  • Fundamental Analysis: Target Prices of CHP, CROWN, IMI
Disclaimer: I am not a stock market investor, not a licensed stock market advisor does not provide personal investment advice nor advocate Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations of any investments and securities. You should seek advice from qualified/licensed stock market advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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