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Friday, August 9, 2019

How to Permanently Cancel Disabled Google AdSense Account?

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Probably you are trying to use the Cancel Google AdSense Account Form ( to permanently cancel your AdSense account, unfortunately, the URL is no longer working. No worries there's another way which I will be sharing with you today and I hope this will make you happy. My Google AdSense account was disabled last year. I was only part of the Google AdSense community for four (4) months and there's no way I can sign in to cancel my account since my appeal was rejected. Luckily, yesterday I have successfully canceled it without facing any problem.

Here's how you will permanently cancel your disabled Google AdSense Account with screenshots to better help you.

1. Open your disabled Google AdSense account. Take note that this will not be the page you will see if you are successful which you will find out at the end of these steps.🤞

Disabled Google AdSense Account

2. Also, open your Gmail account associated with your disabled Google AdSense account then click your Gmail profile picture and hit Google Account.

Gmail Google Account

3. In the menus at the left side click on Payments and subscriptions.

Google Account Payments & Subscritptions

4. Under Payment methods click on Manage payment methods.

Google Account Manage Payment Methods

5. Add a payment method page will open. If you have a payment method already set up you can proceed in step #7. If none yet then Add a payment method like I did.

Google Account Add a Payment Method

6. A new window will open to add your credit or debit card and save.

Google Account Add credit or debit card

7. After adding your payment method or if it already added. Click on the Settings tab on the left side. At the bottom part of the window click on Close payments profile link under Payments profile status. Another window will open about Closing your payments profile and to permanently close your profile, select a reason by choosing in the drop-down list, and click Continue. Another Closing your payments profile window will open just click Close payments profile.

After successfully doing the steps above you will receive two (2) emails from Google Payments:

a. The first email: You have closed your Google payments profile

You've closed your Google payments profile

b. The second email: Google AdSense: Your account was canceled

Your Google AdSense account was canceled

8. Finally, when you go back to step #1 you will no longer be directed to your disabled Google AdSense account instead of to the Google AdSense start page/home page.😃

Google AdSense Start Page

The next problem now is how to remove the publisher ID showing in Blogger or Blogspot blog which is specifically showing in the Earnings tab.

The account associated with publisher ID

I am thinking if this will be permanently removed after 30 days along with my Payment profile considering I will not change my mind and contact Google to lift the cancelation of my Google payments profile. What do you think guys? If my thinking is right I will update this post. Don’t forget to come back here after 30 days. 30 days has passed already but unfortunately, the publisher ID was not removed.

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