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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cast The Net (Lyrics)

Diakonia '96

1. Day and night I cast my net out on the sea
Going for a catch to prove what I want to be
But the nets I tried to cast were all empty
Since I was a fisher with no one to guide me.

2. As I sailed on to realize what I've been dreamin'
I glanced at you my Lord along the shore walkin'
Right there you called me by name
And taught me patiently
Formed me in the end, a fisher of many.

You're sending me, my Lord, back to the sea
Going for a catch so certain and bounty
You're sending me, My Lord, and I'd go freely
You said, "Cast the net,"
And now I catch abundantly.

3. Lord, I confidently surge the seas of my frailty
For you keep your promise to remain with me
Not even the waves of time make me weary
For I sail with Mary, My Mother Mary. (REFRAIN) Catholic Songbook

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